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Dear Rasikas 

Welcome to the Kalakendra Membership Program

We at Kalakendra believe that Indian classical Music, Dance, Drama, Namasankeerthanam and Discourses  are one among  the world’s greatest art forms and have the power to transform and transport the rasika to a different dimension. 

We provide all of this exciting artistic content under one platform , So that it becomes so easy for the rasikas to watch every program without any hassle .All these unique art forms have evolved over thousands of years. It is built on improvisation ,strict  discipline and propagated with a positive intent that it is carried forward in the right direction

The system is an outcome of work in appreciation of the efforts that have gone into maintaining the ancient art forms. This will be a unique opportunity for all involved in the promotion of arts . We request you join hands with us for the future to work together in preserving and promoting these arts. Come be a part of this cultural extravaganza and help us propagate our diverse culture 

You can now avail The Kalakendra Annual membership at  2499 Only!!!

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