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Bharatanatyam – Learn Hastas & Bhedas N.Srikanth,Nrithya Jagannathan

Indian Classical Dance in any form is essentially a stylized representation of life’s myriad experiences. Fundamental to the language of Indian Classical Dance is an elaborate system of gestures and movements that is simple and yet eloquent. What is beautiful is the seamless integration of facial expression and bodily movement to communicate meaning.

Swathi Soft Solutions presents, as part of its Sanskriti Series, Hastas and Bhedas – An Introduction to the Fundamental of Gestures and Movement.

The references for this production are taken from the Abhinaya Darpana and the Natya Shastra, and presented by well known artistes, Nrithya Jagannathan and N. Srikanth.

While traditionally any form of art is best learnt under the guidance of the competent teacher, this DVD aims to give the student a brief introduction to the depth and beauty of Indian Classical Dance.

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