Harikatha | SABARI MOKSHAM | Vishakha Hari | Web Streaming


“Sabari Moksham” is a beautiful incident in the Ramayan that took place in the woods of the dandakaranya. Sabari, an orphan and a lonely tribal woman suddenly finds herself transformed and realises the cause of it. Mathanga Rishi along with his disciples has chosen the banks of river Pampa for his stay. Freed from rancour and greed Sabari desires to serve the sadhus and is blessed by them. Mathanga Rishi further blesses her with the Rama Nama, the tharaka mantra which is capable of bringing the Lord to her dwelling. She chants the Mantra incessantly and after very many years Lord Rama and Lakshmana visit Sabari’s ashram. She welcomes them, offers them fruits with her loving heart and finally offers herself at the feet of the Lord and attains moksha, liberation like a yogini. Glory to the power of Rama Nama and glory to the grace of the Guru.

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Harikatha | SABARI MOKSHAM | Vishakha Hari | Web Streaming


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