Manodharma Sangeetham -Kalpana Swaram (Advanced lessons)


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The most distinguished feature of Carnatic classical music is Manodharma Sangeetham, which is improvised music. The true challenge of a musician lies in his ability to create and extemporize on the spot. Manodharma Sangeetham comprises of Raga Alapana, Tanam, Niraval & Kalpana Swaram. In Kalpana swaram the musician weaves rich and colorful aspects of the raga bhava through the medium of swara passages. It is one of the most interesting parts of a concert and can elevate the concert to great heights. Though it may be termed as creative music, there are some basic underlying principles that have to be adhered to while rendering Kalpana Swaram, which have been expounded in this product by one of the most popular and admired musicians of the Carnatic music field.

Prof. T.R.Subramanyam, a musician and musicologist par excellence is scholarly and original in his approach to all aspects of music. He is known for his mastery over Laya and his skill in rendering Ragam Tanam Pallavi is unrivalled. T.R.S as he is popularly known retired from the University of Delhi where he was Professor/Head in the Department of Music. As a teacher he is unmatched for his enormous patience and extensive knowledge and is highly respected by musician’s world wide. T.R.S. is particularly regarded a master in both sarva lagu and mathematical aspects of Kalpana Swara singing. His ingenious and innovative techniques are thought provoking and kindle the imagination of students of music. This product has the maestro explicitly demonstrating various techniques and approaches to Kalpana swaras, making it seem so simple and easy to learn. Various aspects like Sarvalaghu patterns, Poruttams and Korvais have been explained in detail, making this an invaluable product for students of music.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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