Mantra mala series – Sampurna – T.K.V.Desikachar ACD


How do we define wellbeing ?
Is it a body that is fit and free of disease?
Is it a mind that is focused and free of agitation?
Is it a spirit that is characterized by conviction and confidence?
OR is it a combination of all these and more?

No matter how each of us defines wellbeing, what lies at the core of this concept is a healthy mind in a healthy body, empowered by an indomitable spirit.

This may sound an ambitious proposition. Nevertheless, it must be possible for all our ancient texts speak about this harmonious integration of mind, body and spirit.

How does one work towards what seems a challenging goal, given the pressures of life today?

Great masters have shown us the path a path that is paved with the stepping stones of devotion, sincerity, commitment, detachment and surrender. Presented in this album are some beautiful and inspirational slokas or poems composed by five of India’s legendary masters Adi Sankara, Bhartrhari, Vedanta Desika, Vallabhacharya and T Krishnamacharya.

Resonating with lyrical beauty and profound meaning, just listening to these chants can help us to empower ourselves from the core of divinity within.

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