Sri Sai Satcharithram – Tamil Audio Book by K.Uma – 2MP3


This Baba’s stories are as Beacon light to cross samsar sagar-ocean of worldly existence. The description of Baba’s pure fame and listening the same with love will destroy the sins of devotees and therefore this is the simple sadhana for attaining Salvation. The listening of the stories will make the devotee dispassionate and will ultimately lead to self realization. All his dangers will be warded off . His ignorance and poverty will be removed. He will get knowledge, wisdom, wealth and prosperity. It will give unbounded happiness. If one reads this Satcharitra with love and faith, and completes within a week (Saptam), his calamities will disappear. He will get everlasting joy and contentment. He will be relieved from the jaws of death.

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