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Program links will be available in the scheduled date from 6am IST till jan 15 (Click date to see for the day)


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How to access at YouTube

How to access at

  • If you already have an account login with the account or create a new account, Place the order and pay for it
  • You are set to watch the concerts! Ensure you are logged on to the site with the same account and click on Yours Truly Margazhi at the header and click play button next to each concert.
  • Entire schedule is available to watch from one page, every day concerts of the day will be uploaded by 11am IST and you can watch them till Jan 15 per your convenience. 

Dec 15-21

Dec 22-28

Dec 29 - Jan 4

Jan 5 - Jan 11

Jan 12 - Jan 15

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