Abhinaya Modules by Priyadarshini Govind

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Abhinaya Modules

In Bharatanatyam, the recent method in practice of training in Abhinaya has mostly been a composition-based approach. A composition, when being taught and learnt, already comes with its own robust blueprint – where the detailing of context, characters, landscape, mood have already been woven together, before the student begins to learn it. How then does a student prepare oneself to take on an Abhinaya composition with self-assurance?

Through these set of learning modules for abhinaya, Priyadarsini Govind will be introducing us to a new way of approaching Abhinaya that will prepare the student to face a composition with understanding and technical soundness.



1. Bottom-up approach that will start with basic building blocks for Abhinaya, akin to adavus in the training of Nritta
2. Exploration of different ways of moving the angas, upangas and pratyangas, and systematic exercises to connect thought to emotion, and emotion to body.
3. Building a tool box of techniques that would expand a dancer’s vocabulary in abhinaya
4. Building a framework to train and hone the dancer’s imagination – how to effectively frame a visual sentence, how to think in dance and how to optimise the impact of communication in Abhinaya.



Each module will be presented in the format of one-to-one classroom sessions, containing
1. Detailed discussion on every topic aided by practical illustrations
2. Follow-along exercises
3. Tips and exercises to aid in your practice
4. Summary of salient points.

The classroom sessions will be supported by group discussions and question and answer sessions between Priyadarsini Govind and a focus group of students who have engaged with the classroom video modules.


Target Audience

These modules are intended for,
1. Teachers, students and professional dancers of any dance discipline with a narrative component
2. Actors from any theatrical discipline.

Prior experience in this method of learning is not necessary. The modules will be built bottom-up in
a completely self-contained way.

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