Kanda_Ganamutham – Bulk pack – S. Rajam


In the field of music, S. Rajam is an unparalleled authority on Vivadi ragas and has done much to popularize Koteeswara Iyer’s kritis. He has the distinction of being the only musician to have sung all the 72 compositions of Kanda Ganamutham, most of the kritis being accompanied by Raga, Niraval and Kalpana swaras. This product is a ready encyclopedia for students of music to get an in depth knowledge of the melodic structure of Melakartha Ragas. S.Rajam is a multifaceted genius with creative talents in a variety of fields such as music, musicology, classical painting and acting. It is a rare combination of talents that has made S.Rajam the phenomenon that he is today. He has immensely contributed to enrich our cultural heritage for over six decades.

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