Dummies Drama – Vinodaya Chittam


1.Dummies Drama – Vinodaya Chittam Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Sreevathson

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Parasurama Iyer (the protagonist) walks and talks high about his achievements and wishes to depart when his life graph is at its crown and less he realizes that his wish will come true. The rest of the journey for him is with “Kalathoothan”, the accompanist till the end. The conversations between them bring out the facts of life in an event based manner. When the purpose of the protagonist re-visit is challenged, he wavers. And when it is accomplished???. Is it his fate or luck.. Wait ! Can fate be luck as well ?!

Won more than 10 awards, this play has been appreciated for the powerful dialogues and performance.

Author & Team Dummies

Sreevathson V is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Till date he has penned 15 plays, 11 of which have been staged successfully by ‘Team Dummies’. His scripts have attracted repetitive as well as fresh audience to the world of drama.


‘Dummies’ is an association of young people having the zest to provide the best in theatres. The group is an assortment of people from CAs, marketing professionals; tech writers, software professionals, from multimedia maniacs to engineers Theatre being their only common interest.


Cast :
Sreevathson . Shoba Narayanan . Preethi Hari Ramesh . Sridhar . Giridharan Krishnamurthy Keerthi . TDS . Krishna . Nithya

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