Bharatham Mahaabhaaratam Amba Shikhandi – Webcast


A Thematic presentation from Bharatham- Mahaabhaaratham Natyarangam Annual Thematic Dance Series – 2009

1.Amba Shikhandi – Introduction – English

2.Amba Shikhandi – Introduction – Tamil

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A Thematic presentation from Bharatham- Mahaabhaaratham Natyarangam Annual Thematic Dance Series– 2009

The epic Mahabharata is fascinating as the story has many layers to it– sub texts, sub plots Whilst there are many popular characters that come to mind immediately when we think of this great epic, there are other characters that play a significant role but are relatively unsung. One such character is that of Amba, who we should say (after intense research), is almost as important as Draupadi. Amba is the proverbial Woman Scorned, but the one who had the guts and gumption to fight back and get even in a Man world in his own language. What fascinates one is that issues of gender-change and homosexual marriage-important issues of today-were dealt with eons ago in the Mahabharata!

The presentation deals with the story of Amba Shikhandi as it unfolds in the Mahabharata of Sage Vyasa with references from Villi Bharatham, Sekhizhars Periya Puranam , Bharatiyar works and from the Tamil play titled Pani Thee, by Dr. Mangai.

Priya Murle is a senior disciple of Padmashri Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy. Intense training and commitment to the art form have marked Priya career in Bharatanatyam. Priya has a multi- dimensional approach to Dance. A performer, a choreographer and a teacher, she has also a keen interest in Music, Nattuvangam and Sanskrit. She has done research in the field of Aesthetics and has worked on the Rasa theory. She has numerous performances in and outside India, to her credit. She has attended workshops in Kalari, Taichi and has also undergone training in Therukoothu. Priya has several awards and titles to her credit.

Concept : Natya Rangam
Research And Guidance : Dr. Prema Nandakumar
Guidance : Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy | Dr. Rama Kausalya | Prof. Raghuraman
Assitance : K.S.R. Anirudha | Sashirekha Balasubramaniam
Music : Nandini Anand
Jathi-s : K.S.R.Anirudha
Orchestra : Nandini Anand , Srikanth – Vocal | Roja Kannan – Nattuvangam | K.S.R. Anirudha – Mridangam

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