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POETRY OF DANCE is a beautifully photographed short film on Bharatanatyam, the dance of South India which has a thousand year old history . The film captures the essential features of this dance set in the colorful landscape of South India with temples, homes and the scenery of tropical splendor. The film can be described as a cultural travelogue too.

Speaking of the historic place the dance holds in India, the film shows the dance in all its variety with chosen numbers from the traditional repertoire. Scenes of basic training in a Gurukul, are followed by demonstrations of the language of gesture and movement. The expert dancer Lakshmi unfolds choice numbers like the dance of Shiva, a Varnam, an ode to Krishna, a playful Javali and a vibrant Thillana. She also demonstrates the nine emotions or Navarasa.

This film is a quick guide to understanding Bhartanatyam. The viewer’s experience of Dance is complete in this film with resonant music and a perfect commentary. This is a must for dance enthusiasts, students, and tourists who wish to take home a perfect souvenir of Indian culture.

Dances: Shiva Tandava , Varnam, Krishna Née Beganebaro, Nee Matale, Thillana.
Demonstration : Basic technique, Navarasa.
Principal musician : Charumathi Ramachandran
Cinematography : Ashok Kumar
Principal dancer and choreographer : Lakshmi Vishwanathan

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