Natya Dwani – Varnam & Thillana – A Choreographic Guide by Gajendran ACD


This album provides a simple skeletal structure of jathi-s, aruddi-s, and nritta movement patterns that may be adapted to use in any varnam that has the same layam in Adi or Rupaka Thalams

In the same manner, a few variations of possible nritta patterns has been presented using a sample thillana format, which may also be incorporated when choreographing other thillana-s that share the same layam.

This CD is presented by Shri. Gajendhran who is an accomplished musician and nattuvanar. Shri. Gajendhran is also a prolific writer and has penned the lyrics and composed music for the solo and group productions of leading artistes in India and abroad. A widely travelled artiste, Shri. Gajendhran has over 5000 stage performances as an accompanying musician and over 3000 performances as a Nattuvanar to his credit.

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