Bharatanatyam Chaturanga


1.Bharatanatyam Chaturanga Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional

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This dance-theatre production is contemporary in theme and classical in performance. A celebration of India’s Independence, and a tribute to the Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi, Chaturanga features a dozen professional dancers, who create striking visuals of four aspects of “freedom”. They are “satyagraha”, “swadeshi”, “stree-swamyam” and “swaya mariyadha” – peaceful resistance as propounded by Gandhi, self-reliance, woman-power and self-respect. In vibrant dances and a plethora of changing moods, dramatic scenes are constructed to excite, entertain and grip the viewers’ imagination. In subtle and eloquent choreography, Lakshmi the director, takes us on an unforgettable journey of our own heritage and history, inspiring us to relish the idealism of a young nation. Music plays a vital role in the un-folding of this scenario, while the dramatic dances visualise melodies and rhythms in an un-ending flow of joyous dances.

About Artiste
Lakshmi Viswanathan is an iconic dancer and choreographer who has extended the scope of classical Bharatanatyam to include creative works and new ideas. Her Tanjavur style of solo dance with her eloquent Abhinaya has been widely acclaimed and has earned her the sobriquet of a “legend”. Her group choreography has been stunning and path-breaking in theme, and style. She has explored many themes, and enriched the dance repertoire in all her work spread over three decades. Originally trained by great Gurus, foremost among them being Kanjivaram Ellappa, Lakshmi evolved her own style and has performed in all the major centres of India, and done our country proud with her engagements in prestigious international festivals like Jacobs Pillow, USA. As a keen researcher she has authored several books, the latest being “Women of Pride – The Devadasi Heritage” (Roli Books – 2008). Nritya Chudamani, Kalaimamani and the Sangeet Natak Academi National Award are some of the high honours she has received.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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