Mantra mala series – Surya – T.K.V.Desikachar ACD


“Aditya,” “Bhaskara,” “Martanda,” “Bhanu,” “Ravi,” “Mitra,” “Varuna,” “Surya,” … the list goes on…innumerable names that refer to one of the most powerful forces of nature – the sun.

Scientifically and mythologically, the sun occupies a position of pride and great importance. Every civilization across the world has glorified the sun as the giver of light and heat, as the force that dispels darkness and as the nourisher of all life on earth.

The Indian Vedic tradition is replete with chants that venerate this vital force, the sun. Other composers have also written elaborately about the many attributes of the sun, thereby deifying this force of nature. Indeed, the sun is considered one of the most powerful deities, and is much revered by young and old alike.

This ALBUM presents a collection of beautiful Vedic chants in praise of the sun. Also included are slokas or poems on the sun that are equally popular, and no less powerful than the Vedic mantras.

“Mitra,” the rising sun, brings into our lives a ray of hope. “Varuna,” the setting sun leaves us with the promise of another day. Literally and figuratively, listening to these timeless chants brings not just light into our live, but health and harmony as well.

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