Rajamargam – Semmangudi – Live in concert – 3 ACD


Mysore T. Chowdiah – Violin | Vellore G. Ramabhadran – Mridanga

Semmangudi, the uncompromising traditionalist, and innovative genius, remains the ultimate authority in the theory and practice of Carnatic music. There have been very few maestros, to lend such grandeur to music, such as Semmangudi, the Pitamaha of Carnatic music. His music has a magnetic power to turn a listener into meditative mode on one hand and a passionate addict on the other. His music exudes brilliance and devotion all at once. In bringing out the bhava of a Krti, Semmangudi has no equal. He popularized many Krtis of composers ranging from Swati Tirunal, Matrubhutayya, Ambujam Krishna, giving them as much stature and prominence as the Trinity compositions.

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