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Bala Gaanam – A Kutcheri

This DVD, brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions under their Swathi’s Yuva Taara Series, unveils the prodigious talent of Master Anantharaman, the 12-year old sensation of Ramjhi’s Issai Mazhalai troupe. Trained by eminent musicians Smt. Meena Venkatramanan and Smt. Geetha, Master Anantharaman has been regaling lovers of South Indian classical music across the country with his flawless renditions. This whiz kid, accompanied by other child vidwans, displays a virtuosity that one normally associates with veterans and casts a spell that lingers long after the concert.

Ramjhi’s ‘ Issai Mazhalai ‘ is an enchanting ensemble of handpicked young artistes groomed for taking forward our rich musical tradition. Backed by a series of programmes on popular TV channels, the troupe has been identifying and bringing to focus incredible talents from among young boys and girls.

Swathi Soft Solutions is a Chennai-based organisation known for its wide and winsome range of heritage products on esoteric subjects like the Vedas, Yoga and Bharatanatyam, the Indian classical dance. This DVD released under their Yuva Taara Series aims at bringing to limelight the little masters who will be the stars of tomorrow.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.
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