Sareera Sadhana


1.Sareera Sadhana – Introduction Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 2.Sareera Sadhana – Voice Production and Vocal Exercises Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 3.Sareera Sadhana – Voice Range in High Octave Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 4.Sareera Sadhana – Articulation Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 5.Sareera Sadhana – Gamakas Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 6.Sareera Sadhana – Resonance Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 7.Sareera Sadhana – Breathing Exercises (Physical) Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 8.Panel discussion on voice training – What is Voice Culture? Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 9.Panel discussion on voice training Scientific Methods to Understand the Singing Voice Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 10.Panel discussion on voice training – Breathing Exercises with Demonstration Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional 11.Panel discussion on voice training – Research on Voice & Voice Disorders Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Traditional

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Expert Comments: Dr. Prakash Boominathan
Participants: K. Gayathri, Malavi & Mythreyi Sasthry
Concept & Direction : Mala Mohan

With more and more people taking up Music as their profession there is a need for understanding the dynamics of the Voice. This invaluable product is to help singers to train their voice applying scientific methods. Properly applied, the methods will improve Voice Quality, Vocal Range, breathing capacity, tone placement and articulation. This product presents a Model Workshop on Voice Training with an Instructor (Dr. S.A.K. Durga) who is an expert on Voice Training and students who are upcoming professional singers. The additional value in this product is the inclusion of a Panel Discussion with a Speech Pathologist (Dr. Prakash Boominathan) on the scientific aspects of Voice production and the role of scientific methods in Voice training. Dr. Prakash Boominathan is also a Faculty at the Department of Speech Pathology, Sri Ramachandra University.

Dr.S.A.K.Durga is a renowned and much respected Ethnomusicologist, Musicologist and Performer of Indian Classical Music. Her research thesis for her Degree of Master of Letters is a Voice Culture for special reference to Carnatic Music. She has conducted Voice Culture workshops in many places in India and in USA, UK and Japan. She has trained many professional singers and is the only voice specialist with scientific background, She is the founder Director of the Centre for Voxology, which conducts workshops and voice counselling sessions at its centre in Chennai, India. She was awarded the Musicologist award by the Music Academy, Chennai in the year of the inception of the award in 2008. She has been also awarded titles such as Gnana Samudra and Isai Kalai Selvar. The American Music and Theatre group, Newyork USA conferred her the title Skylark of India in 1984.
Voice Training

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