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SrinivAsa KalyAnam is a SangIta UpanyAsam (musical discourse) in Tamizh on the marriage that took place between the Lord of Kali Yuga – SrinivAsa (a) BAlaji and PadmAvathi. Through this discourse, the speaker narrates the importance of TirumalA – Tirupati, the reason for Lord’s incarnation, the love he developed towards PadmAvathi and eventually their marriage. He cites reference from numerous known and lesser known works. Neat illustrations and intense devotion constitute this album and through Bhakti and music, he transports us to the green and chill hills of TirumalA and we begin enjoying along with AzhwArs and other Saints.

Sri.U.Ve. Dushyanth Sridhar is an exponent on the religious texts of SanAtana Dharma viz. RAmAyanam, MahAbhAratam, BhAgavatam and Divya Prabandham. He is trained in the necessary SriVaishnavite texts by revered preceptors and has been duly acclaimed by them for his oratory skills. AzhwAr’s verses, RAmAnujA’s philosophy and DesikA’s works remain close to his heart. Also found profoundly in his discourses is timely humour, relevant examples and pleasing music. He talks in public forums across the country and in TV Channels. He is an alumnus of BITS, Pilani and currently works in Mumbai for a leading consultancy services firm. He is accompanied by Smt. Mahalakshmi Ravi (Flute), Smt. Saraswathi Vaidyanathan (Veena) and Kum. Mangala Vaidyanathan (Violin), who are sisters from Mumbai trained in classical music under their father, an exponent in music himself.

Photo Courtesy: Smt. Manisha Raju, Chennai

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