Yoga for Back and Spine


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Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain proper upright posture and movement. The Yogasanas in this DVD not only keep the body healthy and supple, but also strengthen very specific muscle groups and muscles that support the spine.

The Yogic stretching exercises described in this product enhance blood flow to the tissues that support the spine, thus improving the health of the discs and muscles along the spine. Regular practice of these exercises increases the flexibility of the shoulders and hips. Yoga’s focus on breathing and connecting breath with movement improves body awareness, making one more conscious of movements that may contribute to back pain.
Dr. Sujatha-Director of Power Management Consultancy & Patanjali Yoga Vidhya Kendran-Chennai, is the first Indian to get a Doctorate in Yoga. Known for her unique style of teaching asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, she demonstrates how thoughts and emotions, when regulated, can have a positive influence over physical health. Though her programmes specially designed for executives, Dr.Sujatha has successfully trained 20,000 people including Corporate, Government bodies.

Special features of this DVD:

This DVD features traditional Yogasanas, breathing techniques for asanas & meditation framed under the expert guidance of Dr. Sujatha.
Sequenced asanas in 23 min REAL TIMEWORKOUT with audio assisted time-cues.
Multiangled presentation of Yogasanas by experts.
Explicit instructions in English, Hindi and Tamil.


Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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