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A Visual Tribute to the Inimitable Music of this Carnatic Legend with a sublime flow of Her Unique Renderings.

This DVD vividly unfurls various facets of the eternal music of Smt T.Brinda, presenting Her captivating repertoire with mesmerizing visuals.

Spencers Shri. R.Venugopal and Chitraveena Shri.N.Ravikiran have provided and narrated the vital finer elements in the script.Vidwans Shri. P.S.Narayanaswamy, Shri. N.Ramani, Shri. T.R.Subramaniam,, Neyveli Shri. Santhana Gopalan, Shri. T.M.Krishna, Bombay Shri.S.Ramachandran, Shri. B.Balasubramanian and Shri. S.Girish and Vidhushis Smt A.R.Sundaram, Smt. Alamelu Mani, Selvi Sowmya, Smt. Aruna Sairam, Smt. Geetha Raja, Smt. Kiranavali Vidya Shankar, Smt. Aruna Ranganathan and Selvi Savita Narasimhan as also connoisseurs of music like Cleveland Shri V.V.Sundaram and producer of this DVD – Shri. R.K.Ramanathan share their impressions about Smt T.Brinda’s music.

About Smt T.Brinda
T.Brinda affectiionately referred to as ‘Brindamma’ is one of the most remarkable musicians in the annals of Carnatic music and was the most prominent and eloquent inheritors of the Veena Dhanammal Bani, known for its vibrant classicism, unhurried, alluring movements, as also for its use of intricate gamakas in the handling of ragas. Brinda absorbed both the sublime and intricate Dhanammal style and Naina Pillai’s fast paced masculine music and blended them seamlessly into her singing. She was an expert at rendering ragas that featured complex patterns and subtle gamakas, such as Begada, Mukhari, Sahana, Suruti, Varali etc, She was not only a repository of Kshetrayya padams and javalis but also a master of may rare compositions of the Carnatic Music Trinity. Her music was soul stirring and full of microscopicc nuances. She had a captivating voice, which had clarity, sweetness, depth and majesty.

R.K.Ramanathan, Producer
This industrialist and son of Ramnad Shri Krishnan has dedicated his retired life for preserving the music of stalwarts for posterity and for the benefit of current and future generations of musicians. This DVD is second such production from him, the first one being “Musicians Musician” on his legendary father Ramand Shri Krishnan.

S B Khanthan – Creative Director
Who has an impressive array of documentaries and works of Carnatic Music legends like Shri GNB, Ramnad Shri Krishnan, Lalgudi Shri G.Jayaraman, Umayalpuram Shri K.Sivaraman, Tanjore Shri S.Kalyanaraman, Shri. S.Rajam, Shri N.Ravikiran and Shri T.M.Krishna has also written and directed this DVD. He has directed all the 5000 plus stage shows of Crazy Creations, 500 plus weeks of Crazy Mohan’s TV Serials and the hilarious Tamizh film JERY. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and a Creative Director by profession, S.B.Khanthan also directs Corporate Films and Advertisements.

Editing and Visual Effects: V.Krishna Kumar DFTech

Chief Videographer: S.Jayakumar

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