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Crazy Mohan’s Marriage Made in Saloon – Webcast

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Crazy Mohan’s uncanny ability to trigger laughter starts from the very naming of this title.

This play is one of the super duper hits of Crazy Creations having been staged for over 500 times across the globe.

It was in fact cravingly sought after in all media forms like TV Serial, Tele film and feature film..

To cap them all it is now in DVD format where Crazy Mohan, Maadhu Balaji and the entire Crazy Team are bound to transfix your humour sense to a new height. .

The crowning glory is that a Hindi version of the play is also made available in this DVD pack for the first ever time..

About the writer…
An engineer by qualification, an artist by interest and a humorist by birth, ‘Crazy’ Mohan’s creative portfolio contains more than 20 hilarious stage plays, 25 super hit films and over 150 short stories in popular magazines. His sparkling wit and spontaneity run all through the play.

Creative Director: S.B.Khanthan
Chief Editor: V.Krishna Kumar DFT.
Hindi Dubbing Controller: Minto

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