Oru Va(A)ram Thaa


MOULI’s – Oru Va(a)ram Thaa

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From the creator of many Humorous Epics like FLIGHT 172 and PAMMAL K SAMBANDAM – The Ace Writer, Actor and Director MOULI, this DVD is yet another rip roaring unfurling. Subtle yet mind boggling and very natural yet adorably intelligent are the hall mark of MOULI BRAND of humour. ORU VA(A)RAM THAA, where the fun starts right from the dual titling is one more proof of the fact that Humour could be Hearty yet Brainy.

Apart from Mouli in the main role the cast includes Fatima Babu, Satya Priya, Vaiya Puri, Madan Bab,Santhana Bharathi, Chams and Cheenu Mohan.

This DVD is directed by S B KHANTHAN the younger brother of Mouli and director of many hilarious Plays, TV Serials and Film of CRAZY MOHAN.

Mouli is one of the legends in the field of Tamizh Theatre and Films. He was the principle scultpture of the Golden Era of Tamizh Theatre in the 1970s through his Most Sensitive and Most Hilarious combination of plays. He had been a trend setting Writer and Director of nearly 50 Films in Three Indian Languages. He has acted in more than 100 films. The success of TV serials in which he had contributed in any capacity as an Actor, Writer or Director speaks volumes for the prowess of this Engineer turned Creative Personality.

S B Khanthan – Creative Director:
S B Khanthan, younger brother of Mouli is a Chartered Accountant turned Director. He has directed nearly 5000 stage shows of Crazy Mohan all round the Globe as also over 500 weeks of TV Serials and the Hilarious Tamizh film titled JERY. His interesting other side speaks about the unique documentaries he had written and directed on Carnatic Music Legends like GNB, Umayalpuram Sivaraman, Ramnad Krishnan, Lalgudi Jayaraman and S.Kalyanaraman. Host of Advertisement films and Corporate Films written and directed by him unfurl his Third Dimension.

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