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Cho’s Mohammad Bin Thuglak Ragam

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Nothing has really changed since this sensational play was staged in 1968 – be it the cast, its incisive and intelligent humour, the dialogues, the thunderous applause it draws from the audience for every line uttered and above all.. our politics!

Penned by ‘Cho’ S Ramaswamy, the eminent lawyer, satirist, actor, playwright, journalist and political analyst, Thuglak has managed to retain its freshness for several decades now. In fact, it looks more relevant now with its compulsively audacious and sassy satire.

Thuglak has been staged several times across India under the auspices of Viveka Fine Arts, a 50-year old troupe known for its camaraderie, commitment and casualness. It has successfully tided over many repressive measures in the form of bans, censorship harassments and show disruptions.

About the author…

A lawyer, actor, playwright, editor of a popular weekly and a parliamentarian- ‘Cho’ S Ramaswamy has several facets to his colorful personality. It is just not his versatility, but an abiding sincerity, forthrightness, impartiality and unimpeachable integrity that have made people across the country to eagerly look forward to his stand on any issue-political, social or economical.

His creative oeuvre includes over 25 stage plays, significant roles in 180 films, story-screenplays for 14 films, 4 teleplays, 6 novels and a score of articles on sociopolitical issues & treatises on Hinduism.

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