Crazy Mohan’s Maadhu +2


Maadhu goes on a helping spree extending assistance to people around. He takes pity on a girl with hearing impairment and tries to marry her off to his friend, Cheenu. This creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding before things are sorted out to everybodys relief and our amusement

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Doing things by instinct and purely by instinct could make a Virendra Shewag or even a Sachin Tendulkar a great player but for a typical middle class Maadhu such instincts can only ground him in deep trouble.

But if Maadhu is engrossed in a problem on a Crazy Mohan’s script it connotes outrageous humour to be served as a grand feast to the humour hungry viewers world over.

Maadhu is so instinctive to even put his entire salary pack to a beggar bowl if he so wishes without for a second pondering about the repercussions. He is endowed with a very good wife Janaki.

But he happens to meet a curious Father-Daughter pair both of whom are deaf. The father expresses his concern to get his daughter Mythli married, as no alliance can materialise if the bridegroom and his family come to know about the handicap of the father and the bride. Maadhu’s instincts come in to play and he masterminds a drama by which his close friend Cheenu is camouflaged to marry Mythli albeit for this very noble cause.

But at the marriage hall, the ugly truth surfaces and Cheenu is forced by his father to leave. The haplessly deaf father of the deaf Mythli cries to commit suicide. Out comes Maadhu’s instincts and he does amends for his plans by marrying Mythli, for a second in trance of the fact that he is already married.

How Maadhu manages two wives at home without the knowledge of one another and how the real truth boomerangs at the end form the rest of a hilarious story line.

About the Author.

An engineer by qualification, an artist by interest and a humorist by birth, ‘Crazy’ Mohan’s creative portfolio contains more than 20 hilarious stage plays, 25 super hit films and over 150 short stories in popular magazines. All his works are marked by a sparkling wit & spontaneity.

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