Dummies Drama – Vishwaroopam


1.Dummies Drama – Vishwaroopam Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Sreevathson

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A middle class, middle aged man retrenched from his job has the determination and tenacity to set up his own enterprise. His dynamic daughter acts as his backbone, though others have their own inhibitions. The two manages to surmount quite a few hurdles. Does their hard work and virtue yield positive results?

‘Vishwaroopam’ is about the fruits gained in the world of business.Consistency in one’s vision alone matters to achieve, while age and background has no bar. It projects today’s attitude & prejudice in the corporate sector and how one can counter them and reach the top.

‘Vishwaroopam’ is a positive stroke pertaining to age and experience coupled with dynamism.

Author & Team Dummies

Sreevathson V is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Till date he has penned 15 plays, 11 of which have been staged successfully by ‘Team Dummies’. His scripts have attracted repetitive as well as fresh audience to the world of drama.


‘Dummies’ is an association of young people having the zest to provide the best in theatres. The group is an assortment of people from CAs, marketing professionals; tech writers, software professionals, from multimedia maniacs to engineers Theatre being their only common interest.


Cast :
Sreevathson . Shoba Narayanan . Preethi Hari Sridhar . Sudharshan . Badri . Nithya Krishnamurthy . Keerthi . Giridharan

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