Mouli’s Flight – 172


Mouli’s Flight – 172

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Flight – 172 in DVD – For A Noble Cause
Part of the proceeds from the sale of the DVD go to Sri Matha Trust to provide food and shelter for poor cancer patients.

Step in to any Tamilian Home which posses a decent sense of humour in any part of the Globe, USA or Europe, or Gulf or Far East or Down Under, or last but not the least in any part of India, they will all have a common complaint. Yes indeed, Most of them managed to fetch, view and rejoice day after day a pirated VCD or VHS copy of the pic Humour Serial FLIGHT – 172 Acted, Written, Directed and Produced by the Ace Director TSBK MOULEE. The children at home, even if not very familiar with other Indian Literature or Drama have gleefully enjoyed the uncanny comedy in Flight No. 172 to the extent of replicating the scene inside the flight when Moulee the Nathaswara Vidwan tries to explain the concept of Nathaswaram and Carnatic Music to a foreigner in his own Desi-English, in their school competitions to win prizes. The complaint is why a legal version of this Great Comedy is not available in the market.

Flight – 172 is the first full-length comedy play written by Moulee for Shri YGP?s UAA in the year 1969. It became an instant hit and above all a totally fresh trend-setter in comedy during a time when the Tamil stage and film Industry was already soaked in the high calibre humour of the likes of K Balachander, Cho, Nagesh and Chitralaya Gopu”.

The TV version of the serial was shot in the year 1987 with exquisite value additions required for visual media, shot under stringent regulatory regime inside Airport and Aircraft. Even after several decades, the fruits of such ingenious creativity are evident in the form of constant demand for a legal and clear version of this bench mark TV show in humour.

Moulee who kept the options close to his chest all these years has finally come forward to allow the take off of Flight-172 for a cause. The DVDs and VCDs of Flight – 172 are going to be launched in the market by Swathi Soft Solutions and the proceeds are meant for contributions to the inmates of CANCER INSTITUTE in Chennai.

There is a saying in Tamil: ” VAAYI VITTU SIRITHAAL, NOYI VITTYU POGUM “, meaning “Hearty Laughter cures all disease”. Have a Hearty Laugh on seeing the legal version of Flight – 172 and thereby contribute towards Food & shelter of the inmates of Cancer Hospital, Chennai.

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