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The Comedy Utsavam is a compilation of 3 of Y.Gee. Mahendra’s popular television plays SHERLOCK MAMI, ELLAME VAYYUTHUKKU THANDA and MOUNAM SANGADAM.

In the First story Yallamae Vayathukku Thanda, Rama Murthy and his wife Thirupura Sundari had a son Karthik . He has no job so his father Rama Murthy always scolds him that he is a useless fellow. One day Karthik left his home and wrote a letter that he will be coming back only after he settled in life. During the mean time a Ration card Investigator that is Karthik comes to Ramamurthy’s house and investigates and earns a amount of money and finally he says the truth.

In the second story Mounam Sangadam., a saint comes to Sridhar’s house and asks his father to take ‘mouna viratham’ for 2 days . Sridhar’s father does so. During that time what happens in the remaining part of the story.

In the third story Sharlak Mammi, Sharlak Mammi and his family members where searching for a Bhagavathar to take tuition for their children. At last they find a Bhagavathar for their children. Sharlak Mammi helps the Inspector in his cases. So one day Inspector comes to Mammi’s house for help that he got a message regarding smuggling. With the clues Mammi and their family members thinks about it. Mammi identifies the thief and helps the Inspector in arresting the thief and the Play comes to an end.

This Y.Gee.Mahendra’s compilation is a hearty laughter for all ages and provides wholesome entertainment for the whole family!

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