Crazy’s Sirithidu Seasame!


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Sirithidu Seasame!

Once again ‘Crazy’ Mohan does what he is known to be the best at- evoking laughter! This time round, he takes the viewers on a rollercoaster comedy ride not with just one, but 3 popular teleplays.!

1) Veetai Maatri katti paar 2) Kalyanam Yematri panni paar 3) Kudumbam Pirithhu nadathi paar

What is common to all the three plays is a series of hilarious situations punctuated by Crazy Mohan’s spontaneous, witty and well-timed dialogues.

It is pure humour without a vestige of vulgarity which makes it an ideal entertainment for the entire family.

This DVD is brought to you by Swathi Soft Solutions, the Chennai based company known for its efforts to promote ‘clean’ comedies penned by leading theatre and film personalities under their Family Entertainer Series.

About the writer…

An engineer by qualification, an artist by interest and a humorist by birth, ‘Crazy’ Mohan’s creative portfolio contains more than 20 hilarious stage plays, 25 super hit films and over 150 short stories in popular magazines. All his works are marked by a sparkling wit & spontaneity.



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