Cho’s Vande mataram


1.Cho’s Vande Mataram Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: – 2.Cho’s Vande Mataram Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: –

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Cho’s Vande mataram

One of the most memorable works of ‘Cho’ S.Ramaswamy and specially written for the small screen, this play was very popular when it was telecast in the late 80s.On a broad canvas, it successfully re-creates the turbulent times of the Indian freedom movement with its epic dimensions. It chronicles an important phase of our history and stirs a patriotic feeling in us by reminding us of the sweat, toil and sacrifice of countless individuals. The characters are lifelike and dialogues highly incisive and thought provoking. ‘Cho’ essays the role of an eccentric alcoholic lawyer, certainly the best in his career, who lashes out at the rank hypocrisy of the elite with utter disdain. This play also vividly describes the overall impact of the colonial regime on the social, cultural and political fronts and the emotional conflicts it triggers amongst individuals.
A must for not only Cho’s fans, but also for all those who love this nation.

About the Author…

A lawyer, actor, playwright, editor of a popular weekly and a parliamentarian- ‘Cho’ S. Ramaswamy has several facets to his colorful personality. It is just not his versatility, but an abiding sincerity, forthrightness, impartiality and unimpeachable integrity that have made people across the country to eagerly look forward to his stand on any issue-political, social or economical. His creative oeuvre includes over 25 stage plays, significant roles in 180 films, story-screenplays for 14
films, 4 teleplays, 6 novels and a score of articles on sociopolitical issues & treatises on Hinduism.

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