Dummies Drama – Udyogam Vayasu Lakshanam


1.Dummies Drama – Udyogam Vayasu Lakshanam Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Sreevathson

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What would be your reaction if you cheerfully walked into your office one morning and were told its time for you to retire, when you are just 48yrs? Ramamoorthy, a protagonist of the play finds himself in just such a predicament. Ramamoorthy decides not to take the unjust retirement order (the reason being a computer error that he carelessly endorses years back) but to fight back. He secures the help of his wife’s cousin Badri, a crazy lawyer, to get reinstated. Number of plans are laid and pursued by the duo, What is the outcome and at what cost… Does success have a beginning or end???

Author & Team Dummies
Sreevathson V is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Till date he has penned 15 plays, 11 of which have been staged successfully by ‘Team Dummies’. His scripts have attracted repetitive as well as fresh audience to the world of drama.


‘Dummies’ is an association of young people having the zest to provide the best in theatres. The group is an assortment of people from CAs, marketing professionals; tech writers, software professionals, from multimedia maniacs to engineers Theatre being their only common interest.


Cast :
Sridhar . Shoba Narayanan . Preethi Hari Ramesh . TDS . Krishnamurthy . Sreevathson Giridharan

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