Mridanga Cintamanih – Level 3 – Misra Chapu & Rupaka Chapu Talas


Sequences for Level 3 Advanced designs for further improvement Exercises for Level 3 Complex patterns & structures for perfection Applying Rava, Pecking, Gumki and Arai Chapu Misra Chapu Tala A detailed Taniavarthanam employing various techniques Extra Mora & Korvai for Misra Chapu Tala Intricate & alternative patterns given Rupaka Chapu Tala A detailed Taniavarthanam employing various techniques Extra Mora & Korvai for Rupaka Chapu Tala Intricate & alternative patterns given Sankeerna Gathi An in depth explanation with demonstration Tuning of Mridangam

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A comprehensive, in depth encyclopedia on the art of Mridangam, encompassing the entire gamut of playing techniques from the basic lessons to the art of accompaniment to Vocal & Instrumental Music in Carnatic Music has been meticulously designed for aspiring students of percussion by the greatest exponent of Mridangam, Umayalpuram Sri.K. Sivaraman. Rhythmic lessons have been explained through vocal renditions (Sollukattu or percussive phrases) and translated into Mridangam playing. The components which go to make the very edifice of the Mridangam art is brought out, unraveling a holistic panorama of percussive art. The whole benefit of the Gurukula system is made available by the use of meaningful technology. This magnificent set of products is a happy wedlock of tradition, creativity and novelty. Level 3 aims to bring about proficiency and perfection for solo renditions or Taniavarthanams. More complicated rhythmic patterns, designs and lessons and the introduction of Sankeerna Gathi form the core of this level.

Sangita Kalanidhi Umayalpuram Sri K. Sivaraman (Padmasri & Padmabhushan awardee) a virtuoso, a trendsetter, an icon and a maestro par excellence has created this monumental work, his Magnum Opus. The quintessence of the art of Mridangam and his scholarship of over 6 decades find their expression in the magic fingers of this legend. At the altar of percussive art he offers this rare work to posterity with all the reverence and respect it deserves, not only to students of percussion, but also to the global Music fraternity, patrons of art, Music Institutions and connoisseurs of art.

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Lessons in PDF file is an additional feature. These are excerpts from his book “The Voyage of Mrudangam and its high voltage art”

Best Multi Disc Collection Classical Music 

“Awarded by Home Entertainment India Summit DVD Awards Foundation”

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

Direction : S.B.Khanthan

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