Nadha Layam by Mrdangam Maestro Trichy Sankaran ACD


There are tracks on this album where Sankaran plays Mrdangam solo in different cycles of rhythm. Reminiscent of his legendary Guru, who played both Mrdangam and Kanjira, Sankaran presents a solo on Kanjira on one of the tracks. Vocal rendition of a challenging 21 beat Thiruppugazh with his daughter Suba Sankaran and a Thillana composed by him, are instances of his impeccable mastery of vocal music. The finale is an evocative meshing of melody and rhythm composed by Sankaran and performed with instruments such as the Dumbek , Darabuka and Marimba , interspersed with Konnakol (cadenced recitation of rhythmic syllables) by Sankaran and his disciples.

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