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This DVD provides valuable and rare insights into Indian Classical Music as well as Indian Classical Paintings through the life and works of Shri S.Rajam – a doyen in both fields of Art. While enjoying the music through his impeccable voice, one can also visualize it through his immortal paintings. The legend himself narrates various delectable anecdotes while looking back at his long and eventful life. His towering contributions and his unique personality are documented through impressions of his peers and followers.

S.Rajam is a multifaceted genius with creative talents in a variety of fields such as music, musicology, classical painting and acting. In the field of music, S. Rajam is an unparalleled authority on Vivadi ragas and has done much to popularize Koteeswara Iyer’s kritis. He has the distinction of being the only musician to have recorded all the 72 compositions of Kanda Ganamutham, most of the kritis being accompanied by Raga, Niraval and Kalpana swaras. He was also well known for keeping the Classical Indian Painting style contemporary. He has immensely contributed to enrich our cultural heritage for over six decades.

S.B.Khanthan, has written and directed an impressive array of documentaries and works of Carnatic Music Vidwans like Shri GNB, Smt T.Brinda, Ramnad Shri Krishnan, Lalgudi Shri G.Jayaraman, Umayalpuram Shri K.Sivaraman, Tanjore Shri S.Kalyanaraman, Shri N.Ravikiran and Shri T.M.Krishna. He has co- written and directed this DVD. He also directs Corporate Films, Advertisements and TV Serials

Lalitha Ram, material scientist by profession, is a regular contributor to various magazines on fields of music and history. His biographies on Carnatic music legends – GNB and Palani Subramania Pillai were critically acclaimed and well received. He is also among the founder-editors of the e-zine, www.varalaaru.com. This documentary movie on S.Rajam marks his debut in direction.

Songs on S. Rajam, Music – Murali Venkatraman, Lyrics – Kavignar Harikrishnan

Videography: Suresh Kumar. Editing & Visual Effects: V.Krishna Kumar DFTech.

Voice Over: Sujaya Suresh

Creataive Assoicates: N.Aravindan. K.Dvijavanthi & S.Srivatsan.

Script & Direction: S B Khanthan & Lalitha Ram.

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