SKR live Concert 1974 – 2ACD


This recording has a brilliant and expansive exposition of Shanmukhapriya followed by the kriti “Mamava Karunaya” , a composition of Swathi Thirunal and a crisp, yet comprehensive sketch of Kedaragowla followed by the evergreen “Venugana” composed by Thyagaraja. A superb rendition of Chandrajyothi (Bagayanayya composed by Thyagaraja) reveals SKRs penchant for rare and vivadi ragas. The hallmark of this concert is the scholarly RTP in 4 ragas namely Ranjani, Manoranjani, Janaranjani and Sriranjani in combination with spontaneous repartees from the violin maestro MSG, both complimenting each others eloquent Manodharma. A sparkling Tani Avarthanam by the great Karaikudi Mani is an added attraction to this concert.

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