1.Doosra Ragam: – Talam: – Composer: Anand Raghav

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Written & Directed by

Anand Raghav

Doosra has a strong script and an unwavering focus on the theme. The subject is new and the dialogue well crafted, scoring sixes quite often with punch lines. The writer-director propels the play forward with a strong stay at the crease and his team of actors is with him all the way. Anand Raghav outlines with passion and clarity the character of the game and the erosion of values. “Delhi” Ganesh captures the personality with authenticity and “Kathadi” Ramamurthy puts in an inspired portrayal. Anand Raghav, as the selection committe chairman, does his bit well. Girish as cricketer Ganesh has a good stage presence and his portrayal of the role is quite convincing. Swami Ganesan leaves his imprint through the scene where he raises relevant questions on equating the game with patriotism

-The Hindu, 27th Jan.2010

Artists : Delhi Ganesh, Kathadi Ramamurthy, Uvashree, Dr. Geetha Jayaraman, Girish, Balaji, Swami, Alexs.B.I. Murali, K.Balu, Sridher, Madhu, Rajesh, Maheshwar, Prabhakar, Cheenu,

Telephone: Venkatraman Karthick Bhatt, Hari With Anand Ragav

Budding Cricketers: Aravind Raj, Ajith Raj, Mrithyunjay, Vishwaajay

Music : Guha Prasad

Lights & Technical Design : G.Krishnamurthy

Sets : Padma Stages Kanna

Lights – Perumal Babu

Mike : Naradha Gana Sabha

Makeup – Perambur Kumar

Executive Producers : Shivaji Chaturvedi & T.D. Sundararajan

Disc Format System Region Duration
Disc1 DVD NTSC ALL 1hr 49mins
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