‘Kathadi’ Ramamurthy’s AYYA, AMMA, AMAMMA!


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This teleplay is an adaptation of the popular stage comedy of the same name.
Written by ‘Crazy’ Mohan, and enacted & directed by ‘Kathadi’ Ramamurthy, it presents the story of a married man who longs to return to his carefree bachelor days.

How he manipulates his wife’s exit and tries to recapture the joys of being single is described through humorous situations punctuated by racy dialogues.

About ‘Kathadi’ Ramamurthy

He is recognized more by the prefix to his name than his actual name.

‘Kathadi’ is the evergreen face of Tamil theatre who has been on stage for over 50 years backed by 5,000 stage appearances.

Theatre is a magnificent obsession for him as exemplified by the 32 plays staged under the banner of Stage Creations, his production house.

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