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Are you thirsty of Good, Clean and Healthy Humor? To add to your precious collection of DVDs and VCDs, To sit back and laugh your heart out especially with your family. Here comes a Golden Opportunity.

In the early 90s when the concept of TV Serials were mostly confined to “Sitting in Sofa and Chatting” like in Stage Dramas, there was one serial, ironically made by a Stage Drama Team that broke the shackles of indoors and gleefully ventured in to “lively outdoor visuals” based rip-roaring situations. No doubt it became an instant hit in Chennai and Malaysian TVs and also topped the viewer ship ratings when re-telecast after a decade. The serial was MAADHU-CHEENU and the stage team that successfully made this visual treat was Author Crazy Mohan, Director S B Khanthan, Actors Maadhu Balaji / Cheenu Mohan and their fun filled Troupe. Maadhu-Cheenu is a thriller-comedy with well-knit humorous knots. Maadhu, a hapless music-teacher is denied regular salary by his boss, a notorious underworld Don, who uses the music school as a noble cover for all his not-so noble activities. Maadhu perked up by his wife Janaki and friend Cheenu, goes to have a brave last encounter with his boss. But by no stretch of their imagination could Maadhu-Cheenu realize that the boss had already concocted a plan to act like a dead body to escape from the clutches of an escaped convict. By hilarious turn of events Maadhu-Cheenu are forced to believe that they have committed this murder.

What unfurl from thereon are a series of typically Crazy Mohanish situations that leave viewers gasping for breath in laughter. To top it all is a scene when Maadhu-Cheenu are forced to hide themselves from their House-owner (Crazy Mohan) in an Empty Over-Head Water Tank. The house owner dutifully does the process of sprinkling the dirty tank with bleaching powder and switches on the Motor. Imagine the plight of Maadhu-Cheenu who get drowned in the bargain with the white make-up. The Hit title song is tuned by Cine Music Director Ramesh Vinayakam and sung by S P Balasubramanian and Mano.

Maadhu-Cheenu was adjudged as the Best Comedy Serial of the relevant Year by Mylapore Academy. Director S B Khanthan won the Best Director Award and the uncanny villain performed by Ramesh won the Best Character Actor Award.

Swathi Soft Solutions who have most successfully pioneered the effort of bringing out Great Vintage Comedies like Moulee’s Flight 172 are now launching the DVDs and VCDs of Maadhu-Cheenu as well.

On-line purchase is available at On shop purchase is available on all leading music stores. On-stage buying is possible too wherever Crazy Mohan?s Dramas are performed.

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